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A home is where memories are made and held close to the heart of anyone living there. It is something that a house by itself cannot achieve. It is believed that the sounds and smells that fill the home make it what it is.

Home is not just an abode built to live in; in fact, that is just a definition of a house. Home is a place where one not only feels comfortable, but a place they look forward to opportunely live in every day. A home is built not by bricks or wood, but with the bond of family. A home is a place that reminds a person of countless memories and values when he walks through a life.

What a Home Really is in The House on Mango Street “Home is where the heart is.”

But sometimes our sky of home become bad. There are many definitions according to many of this negativity in our home. It’s like abnormal death of someone, entry of evil spirits, continue health problems, financial loss and many more like this.

To overcome from this problem from the very ancient times Vaastu Shastra is used. Vaastu shastra has guidelines to fulfil positive energy in home and also in office. It can help to minor changes in home like financial growth, healthy life, changes of environment, happiness in home etc.

There are many ideas to improve positive energy in homes and office. Here some of the ideas are discussed among many ideas.


1. Laughing Buddha :

The Laughing Buddha is cherished all over in the world. We have seen this laughing Buddha in many places like home, office, restaurants, schools, places of business and so on. The Laughing Buddha is the Buddha of abundance and happiness.

He is also known as the “Buddha of Wealth”. It is believed he will bring wealth and prosperity to a home or business.

It is very easy to recognize the Laughing Buddha. He is shown wearing a robe and prayer beads often hang around his neck. He is bold and has a big fat tummy.

He is always happy that is why his name is Laughing Buddha.

Rubbing the stomach of the Laughing Buddha

It is said that Laughing Buddha loved to rubbed his tummy, who rubbed his tummy Buddha will bring wealth and prosperity to him. But the attitude should be positive and pure. And Laughing Buddha will take care of your wishes.

For Spiritual Insight and Understanding

There are some Buddha who holds a fan. It is said that the fan removes the negative energy. This is “the don’t worry be happy” kind of fan.

Where to Place the Laughing Buddha in Your Home?

The Laughing Buddha should be placed in hall room or in entrance room. Laughing Buddha can be also placed in office. But it should not be placed in bathroom or in floor. It shows disrespect to the Buddha.

 2. Tortoise :

As tortoise is gifted with long life so in Vaastu shastra it’s considered as long life in Feng Shui. These days you can find the tortoise in all homes who believe in Vastu Shastra and in Feng Shui. They are made up of Resins, Metal, glass, Mud, crystals or else of Wood.

The tortoise will make a nice decor and as per Vaastu Shastra bring serenity, harmony, peace, long life, and money in your home.

Tortoise needs to take care of that is keep the check that they are well placed in the above-mentioned direction always and the water level is maintained. Water must be enough in the dish to soak the feet of tortoise figurine.

3. White Candles :

 Lighting up the white candle makes changes in the air too. It eliminates negativity from the air. Candles are Feng Shui symbols of the Fire element that create warm and pleasant homes. According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui home decorating principles, candles help achieve a state of energetic balance with the environment. They invite the warmth of fire into our homes, which is imperative for health, good luck and prosperity.


4. White Flowers :

Flowers decoration at home cheer up emotions and express love for all of us. Artificial flowers as well as Real flowers add to the grace of interior decor of the house as well. Dying flowers decoration at home cheer up emotions and express love for all of us. Artificial flowers as well as Real flowers add to the grace of interior decor of the house as well. Dying flower should be removed from the place.

5. Water Fountain :

The primary element water is ideal in the central north of the living room. This can be in the form of a small water fountain that runs throughout the day. They can be sheet fountains; they can be winding fountains (to the east) and they can be sprouting fountains (in all directions). Fountains that are made of natural materials like copper, stone, glass, clay, stainless steel, bamboo, etc., are recommended and can be wall, floor or table top mounted. The soft and soothing sounds of the water can assist in better interaction with family and guests.

6. Fish Aquarium :

As an option, you can have a small fish aquarium with seven fishes of one family (red and gold) and two fishes of a different family (black) in the central north of the living room.

7. Painting :

Paintings can be used for good environment in home. God’s images should not be kept in bedroom, pictures of Ramayana and Mahabharata, violent and nude pictures should be avoided.

The paintings of nature, temple can be hung for good health and wealth.

8. Add Colour :

The colour makes vital changes in our life. There are some colours which help us to bring positive energy in our life. Light green, light blue, yellow are the colour which relaxed the air. Dark colour like black, red should be avoided.

9. Decorate with Mirrors :

One of the many remedies, mirror is also a great way to bring positive energy in our home. But it should not be place in front of the entrance facing the main door.

10. Salt Therapy :

Salt is a great cleanser and can be used to eliminate negative energy from rooms. Focus on dark corners or spaces without much natural light or ventilation. Place a bowl of sea salt in such areas so that it absorbs the negative energy. The salt can be discarded after 48 hours.

11. The Entrance :

The home’s entrance is the point from where energy flows into the rest of the area. Decorate the entrance so that it has a good vibe. If it’s too narrow, place a mirror on the wall along the door so that it reflects the wall and makes the passage look larger. Beautiful accessories and flowers can be used to create a positive ambiance in the entrance.

There are many ideas like this. Amongst all, these 10 ideas will help to improve positive energy in our home and office fast. If followed correctly according to Vaastu shastra this remedy helps us to bring prosperity and mentally strong.

In our busy and fast lifestyle, we are not able to handle everything that makes our life very uncomfortable. So, this ancient science called Vaastu shastra helps to bring changes in our life.

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